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Cartonbrick solution for palletizing
Tetrabrick bundle gable topCartonbrick bundle cannot stack in pallet with many layer without squeeze the product top. Our solution permits to integrate in a normal bundle machine a special device to place a carton that help to avoid this compression. Bundle that integrate this gable top can be stack up to 4 layers without any damage to the tetra brick carton. This innovative solution can deeply reduce the cost of the logistic chain and improve ho …read more
Ham case packer
Vaschette termoformate inserimento automatico in scatolaRobotic packaging system for therm-formed trays and bag of slice salami,ham,bacon,prosciutto.This patent pending system manage the complete packaging cycle using two anthropomorphous robots. On the high level Therm-formed trays arrive from two in-feed independent lins.A CCD camera system read the net weigh.The smallrobot pick trays and place into the boxes.On the low level:A case-erector form the empty boxThe box are distributed to the filling pointOnce full the box go to the label system that …read more
Stretch Wrapper and Palletizer in the same area
Palletizing and Stretch wrapping overlapped in the same areaSiscodata has realized a new robotized plant that concentrate in a single small area a palletizer robot and a stretch wrapper system. The robot place on the wooden pallet only two layer of boxes, than the stretch wrapper, to keep fized the boxes, wrap the boxes. Once wrapped, the robot place on the same pallet other layer of boxes, and than wrapper wrap again. The palletizing and wrapping tasks are crossed, and …read more
Oven tray automatic stacker
Oven tray backery stacker industrial automatic Siscodata has developed an oven tray automatic stacking machine for industrial bakeries. At the beginning of the change of format operation, the machine is activated and provides to remove the old format trays from the line in use. The trays are then stacked onto a trolley equipped with tilting wheels. Once the requested height is reached, the trolley is ejected by the machine and a new, empty one is automatically loaded in its place. This way, the process can …read more
Coffee bag carton filling for display box
Bags standup in carton displayThis cost effective solution inserts coffee bags into carton boxes, taking care of the visual quality of the box. Such application is particularly requested for display boxes. A modular plant (composed by: bag matrix assembler, anthropomorphous Robot and a special box handling table) is coupled to every vertical sealing machine. This solution has permitted to cut labour force in repetitive task …read more
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