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Stretch Wrapper and Palletizer in the same area
Palletizing and Stretch wrapping overlapped in the same areaSiscodata has realized a new robotized plant that concentrate in a single small area a palletizer robot and a stretch wrapper system. The robot place on the wooden pallet only two layer of boxes, than the stretch wrapper, to keep fized the boxes, wrap the boxes. Once wrapped, the robot place on the same pallet other layer of boxes, and than wrapper wrap again. The palletizing and wrapping tasks are crossed, and …read more
Robot Palletizer: Fast light palletizer with pallet dispenser
This fast palletizer solution can manage two input box lines and build two pallets of different boxes at the same time. The multi-box gripper permits to improve the speed. This robot can also add a carton interlayer between boxes to improve the stability. The wooden pallets (standard Europallets) are automatically provided by two pallet dispensers. This solution is particulary cost effective for …read more
Two bay robot simple palletizer
Siscodata Comau Robot Palletizer pizza breadThis simple light palletizer robot is a cost effective solution with a strong flexibility. It can handle a wide range of boxes, with a wide range of box patterns. This solution has one input line and two pallet bays. The robot builds one pallet first and than switches to the other, giving more time margin to the operator. …read more

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