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The logistics branch of a well-known high fashion and luxury goods brand having an office in Switzerland turned to Siscodata for its need to create piles of crossed wooden pallets (by crossing "up/down") in order to reduce, during the transport, the occupied space of more than 40%.

Siscodata has realized an innovative solution integrating a Comau robot, a gripper and other components designed ad hoc to automate this operation which, previously, was carried out by hand by different operators and which was very tiring considering the weight of 15 Kg to pallets and the number of pallets handled.

The type of pallet managed, in this case, is EURO 1200 L x 800 W x 150 H mm with a maximum height of the stacks (including the wooden platform) of about 2000 mm max.

The machine detects the pallets passing on a free roller conveyor in exit and, through a sensor system, the system recognizes if it is a pallet of material, that is sent forward, or if it is a "pallet of pallets", which is instead processed and crossed "up/down".

The robot begins its cycle by checking the height of the pallet through a laser triangulation sensor to avoid impacts between the gripper and a possible last pallet added by hand.
In the output part there are 2 roller conveyors in cascade: the first serves as a basis for the cross stack erection, while the second serves as an output buffer.
Thanks to this solution, the customer has been abled to bring this process inside the production site, while previously was subcontracted, and also to reduce the laborious work to its operators.

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