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Brass steel trophy, dual handle neo-clas


Siscodata has realized different types of palletizing areas.

Here above it is possible see two types of palletizing areas with high complexity: on the left there are 5 pallet bays on floor, while on the right there are 6 pallet bays on floor one for each of the 6 different products produced.

Thanks to the long arm (3 meters) and to the high payload (260 kg) of the robot model used, the system is able to handle the 5 or the 6 pallets contemporaneously without problems.

Moreover, to obtain a high productivity up to 40-60 boxes per minute (depending on pallet pattern of course), the robot gripper lifts up the whole layer prepared in advance.

The system works in combination with the AUTOPALLET 6.0 software (created by Siscodata) which allows the customer to handle the pallets himself and to create pallet patterns offline on an office PC (even if the operator that works with the PC is not a programming expert) simply by few mouse clicks.


Double pallet overlapped by robot:

A special version of Siscodata palletizer system allows to realize a double pallet overlapped for a height of 1.2 meter for the American market and for 40” containers. The system is able to deposit over the first pallet, once reached 1 meter height, another wooden pallet taken from the silos by the robot.

The resulting groupage is very stable and the application of stretch film will improve the stability.

Pallet labelling by robot:

The robot can, after the stretch-wrapping activity, apply a label (that can reach also A3 dimensions) on the pallet using a special gripper.

Stretch-wrapping machine:

To make the pallet more stable it may be possible include inside the palletizing area a stretch-wrapping machine.

Pallet shuttle vehicle:

The shuttle vehicle can be moved around the plant building in which the shuttle operates. The suttle can load an unload pallet whenever it is needed.

Here it is shown the combination of some of the options described above.

The shuttle transports the complete pallet to the stretch film wrapper area that include inside the carton corner applicator. Subsequently, after the wrapping and when a pallet label has been applied, the shuttle can also bring the complete pallet to the warehouse docking area. In the frontal part another shuttle can bring the carton box from one production line to the palletizer area.
The system can be configured to any situation, to allow the transport of everything from process working stations to the following station.

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