The SIS300 Packer is based on a robotic area (that can be configured in various ways) able to produce and fill boxes with matrices of bottles, jerrycans, bags etc. from horizontal and vertical packaging machines.

With productivity limitations, the packer module is also able to palletize boxes by using the same robot in a reduced and compact area.

SIS300 system is able to create a matrix of bags, trays, jars, bottles or cans and fill the erected carton with a speed up to 120 ppm for matrices of 24 pieces. The carton box is subsequently closed by tape or hot melt glue by a sealer machine.

The module occupies a very reduced area: approximately 2,5 x 4 meters.
Various types of grippers allow to insert the pieces both horizontally and vertically (such as in display boxes).

SIS300 system can be  connected to a VFFS vertical wrapper. Thie VFFS sends the bags to packer module input, after going through metal detector and weigh-checking. The module can also be connected to a palletizer, able to erect up 60 boxes/1' on pallet 800x1200mm or 1000x1200 mm, up to 2,4 meters H. The area can also include an automatic pallet wrapper.

Below some example of possible layout.

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