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Siscodata was established in 1974 and started its activity as terminal and equipment producer for Siemens and Philips, and manufacturer of sets for nuclear physics and aeronautical electronic systems.

Later, from 1978 onwards, it has developed systems for the textile field, growing at first in the domestic market and afterwards in the international one too, with plants sold and installed all over the world.

Leader Company from more than 40 years, it offers turnkey customized hi-tech industrial robotic solutions for many automation requirements in various fields, such as: pharmaceutical and chemical industry packaging, food and beverage, textiles, material handling, logistics, etc. always widening ourselves up to new challenges and researches.

Siscodata offices are located in the north of Italy about 50 kilometers from Milan, close to Alps and Switzerland.

The company has been organized in the following divisions:

  • Research and development

  • Software and Electronics

  • Mechanics

  • Engineering

  • Consulting

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