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Autopallet 6.0:


AutoPallet 6.0 is a palletizing software package that works to allow easy creation and simulation of robot palletizing jobs.

Layer patterns can be defined using drag-and-drop tools and arranged to create pallet loads in various configurations.

AutoPallet can also export existing pallet configurations from software to industry leading palletizing robot such as COMAU or ABB directly. Simulated robotic palletizing pattern cells can be used to optimize layouts and create robotic palletizer jobs for minimum cycle time and maximum
product throughput.

Robotic palletizing jobs can then be downloaded directly to the robot controller, reducing on-line programming time.
So, the AUTOPALLET 6.0 offers the possibility:
- to create easily your palletizing solution off-line;
- to configure many pallet types quickly and check with simulation;
- to optimize pattern layout for minimum cycle time and maximum throughput, off-line with no pressure on your laptop or office PC and export by USB key or Ethernet.

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