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Automatic system for 3x2 packs

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Siscodata has realized a new system to apply a label to packs made of 2, 3 or 4 wet wipe bag pieces. The bundle is formed by overlapped bags with special adhesive label that groups them together so to form a promotional combo pack.

All the bags enter in the machine with their “face up” and the last bottom pack is put in the pile reversed. The solution realized performs maximum 100 ppm as top peak for 4 pieces in input.

Machine characteristics:

  • Short Side Leading bags “face up” input conveyor: it creates the queue of bags.

  • High speed conveyor: it creates a gap between bags (like a separator).

  • The singular bag are switched between 2 possible destinations through 2 different pneumatic units: reversing unit (the operator can select on the HMI panel if the bottom bag of the bundle is reversed or not) and bypass (in case of machine anomaly or manual selection, bags are sent out to a spare free slope).

  • Straight conveyor: “throws” the bags (staying “face up”) into the stacking pocket. In order to optimize the stacking, the conveyor is tilting up-down. The tilting movement permits to adapt the height between small and big bags.

  • The bundle stops under the labelling applying position during the label application. Once the label is applied the carousel restarts, bringing a new bundle under the labeller.

  • The conveyor surface has high-friction in order to help fast acceleration-decelerations without bags slippery or rotation.

Focus has to be put on the handler unit, specifically engineered and designed for this application by Siscodata, that makes the system able to handle up long handler (600-620 mm maximum). It uses a new type of label only partially covered by adhesive on the 2 ends (it has the adhesive but not in the handle part). The label on adhesive paper arrives with cutted length of 600-620 mm, the core tube diameter is 3”=75 mm while the bobbin diameter is 300 mm maximum.

The labeller unit is able to unwind the siliconate support through a dancing roll dispenser unit that maintain a costant tension and picks up one label after peeling with the vacuum gripper and moves it maintaining the tension constant. The device has a special "not adhesive" gripper to maintain in position the edge of the label to start the new cycle knowing the edge label position, in order to facilitate the grasping by the unwinding distributing arm. The unwinding distributing arm takes the handler label edge from the known position and, with a linear movement, flyies over the bundle pack maintaining the label tension: in this way the handler not adhesive part will be centered over the bundle on the top of the multi-pack.

As option at extra cost, once the label roll is quite terminated, a sensor will detect the roll end and the system automatically starts working with the second label roll making the exchanging.

The reversing unit is important as the combo pack, used in the large-scale retail trade for promotional selling, needs to have the upper and the bottom face without barcode. The barcode of the multi-pack is on the handler and corresponds to a promotional price. This allows to avoid mistakes in the price charging to customers. The reversing unit is composed by 2 buffer conveyors that stock a maximum of 2 bags. The unit sends a bag into the “reverse channel” when requested by the program and the bag falls into the reverse pocket. The reversing slow down the system.

For more information please contact our office in the person of Mr. Brambilla or Mrs. Cattaneo using our mail address or calling at the phone number +39.0332.472471.


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