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Palletization of a whole layer of bags or thermo-shrinked packages of flour

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

For a Croatian customer operating in the bakery field, Siscodata has created a robotic palletizing system for 1 kg bags and 5 kg bags of flour. The main characteristic of this automated system concerns, in addition to the reduced space (7 meters x 5,5 meters) occupied, the handling of an entire layer of products and its deposit on the pallet with high productivity in terms of kilograms moved.

The customer works with 2 types of products, even simultaneously, that is 5 kg bags and thermoshrinked packs of 10 bags of 1 kg each in matrix 2x5, a further complexity to manage.

The palletizing area consists of 2 lines of overhead acetalic transport conveyors (at a height of about 2 meters from floor), one for each product, and 2 lines for pallet forming.

The thermoshrink packs, tight and well-stretched, are oriented and accumulated to form the layer; then the complete layer is picked up by the robot and placed on the pallet in only one pick.

The single bags, on the other hand, are "divided" along the transport and prepared for the picking by a compacting table. For both products the Comau anthropomorphic robot, a PAL model with 180 kg payload and 3 meters of arm, performs a multiple pick (in other words more than one bag/pack is taken in a single pick without stressing its mechanics) through its special multi-tool and multi-function gripper made, in the most important parts, in carbon fiber.The layers are placed on a wooden Euro pallet, which is distributed on the 2 respective motorized roller conveyors through an automatic pallet distributor (APD), containing a stack of about 10-12 empty wooden pallets, and with a pop-up 90° transport to go to the erecting point. It is foreseen the insertion of a protective cardboard interlayer between the wooden pallet and the first layer of products that is positioned in automatic by the robot (also the interlayer carton silos is overhead from floor). It is also foreseen, before the pallet forming point, a buffer position for 1 empty pallet in order to optimize the palletizing cycle.

Once the pallet is finished, the robot "releases" the pallet and lets it exit through the optical barriers in muting so the operator can remove it in safety.

For more information please contact our office in the person of Mr. Brambilla or Mrs. Cattaneo using our mail address or calling at the phone number +39.0332.472471.


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