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Siscodata WP Wraparound series is composed by automatic machines for packaging containers of plastic, metal or glass in corrugated cardboard boxes and/or trays without film.

Large wraparound machine - Wrap roll pac

The WP can reach speeds up to 120 packs per minute in input depending on the model chosen and the type of product. The formats vary according to shape, capacity, size of the containers and filling matrices. In general the most request matrices are 2x3, 2x4, 3x4 and 4x6.

Wrap Around box with bags.jpg

In addition to the standard machines, the WP series includes a model with XS Packer robot for display cartons, suitable to produce packages of matrices or internal orientations different from the normal.

The cardboard magazine capacity of wraparound machines can be increased through the expansion of modular units. Moreover, all the WP packers have an electronic grouping system of the products and, depending on customer needs, are supplied with the tape input in line or 90°. The format change is quick and simple.

Main characteristics:

  • Productivity: up to 10 boxes per minute;

  • Input speed: up to 120 products per minute.

The advantage of these Siscodata machines is the combination "robot + wraparound". This allows a total flexibility that permits the filling of a wrap carton in different matrices, crossings and number of layers by varying the program of the robot.

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