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Automatic die-cutter loading-unloading by a robot

Siscodata has developed a new fully integrated application in the paper converting field.

An anthropomorphic Comau Racer 7 robot loads a Rabolini die-cutter picking the carton from pallet. In this way, the operation is completely automatic and safe.

The carton pieces, in this case of 60 x 60 cm, are loaded from a pallet introduced inside the die-cutting machine register and then unloaded, once cut, by stacking them on the output pallet at the total cycle speed (including die-cutting time) of 9 seconds (equivalent to more than 400 main pieces/hour). In this case, cutting the original 60 x 60 cm paper in 9 pieces this means 3600 single pieces/hour.

The operator has only to take out the complete pallet and to insert a new full one to be processed.

If more than one pallet to be processed are frontal accumulated, the operator refilling time can be further reduced.

So, this system can:

  • convert an old existing machine, currently served by operators, to an automatic one

  • and, considering the large number of existing machines, become extremely profitable as return on investment.

For more information please contact our office in the person of Mr. Brambilla or Mrs. Cattaneo using our mail address or calling at the phone number +39.0332.472471.

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