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Bundle machine with oversize labeller

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Siscodata has created a new label strip issue for labels oversized up to more 500 mm (about 20 inches) in order to cover a market niche for which, up to now, there were no available solutions.

With the economic crisis, many supermarkets and large-scale retail trade markets proceed with continuous new promotions to attract customers price-conscious. One way to attract this customers, increasingly demanding, is to do promotion through combo of multipacks, that is offering an economical and attractive packaging made by 3 pieces for the price of 2 and similar combinations. The package must be multiple and must have possibly a carrying handle (handler) at low price.

These promotions, being occasional and rare, were managed by the large-retail trade market through contractors, or by cooperatives who carried out packaging operations manually. During the crisis these campaigns have increased dramatically so the needed to have a fast and cheap way to produce these promotional multipack. The reversing unit is important as the combo pack, used in the large-scale retail trade for promotional selling, needs to have the upper and the bottom face without barcode. The barcode of the multi-pack is on the handler and corresponds to a promotional price. This allows to avoid mistakes in the price charging to customers.

Siscodata has faced the problem deeply. Established, after a market analysis, that there was no labeling machine above 330 mm and production lines for such multiple packages, has created both the labeling head able to manage labels up to 500 mm lenght and the unit of collection and creation of the relative matrix. Labels are managed from the wide side to ensure high speed (from 60 up to 100 ppm max). At the same time Siscodata created a machine that collects input products (typically from flowpack) and creates the multipack in the quantity and orientation required by the customer marketing department. Then the machine, after having compacted the products, applies the label “horseback” linking them, but leaving the space (throuth a parameter) to insert the hand. As option at extra cost, once the label roll is quite terminated, a sensor will detect the roll end and the system automatically starts working with the second label roll making the exchanging.

For more information please contact our office in the person of Mr. Brambilla or Mrs. Cattaneo using our mail address or calling at the phone number +39.0332.472471.

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